What is the optimal antimicrobial prophylaxis to prevent postoperative infectious complications after liver transplantation?

Systematic review   

  • Keywords:  ((antibiotic* OR antimicrobial OR anti-microbial OR antifungal OR anti-fungal OR fungal OR mycotic OR antimycotic OR anti-mycotic OR antimicrobial OR anti-microbial OR antiviral OR anti-viral) AND (prophylax* OR prophylactic)) AND ((liver OR hepatic) AND (transplant OR transplantation))

Scientific Committee Liaison

  • Federico Villamil, Hepatology, Buenos Aires, Argentina  

Expert Working Group Panel Members  

  • Camille Kotton, Infectiology, Boston, MA, USA  
  • Emily Blumberg, Infectiology, Philadelphia, PA, USA  
  • Patricia Giorgio, British Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina  
  • Emmanuel Wey, Infectiology, London, UK  
  • Faouzi Saliba,hepatologist, Paris, France  

Vanguard Committee Member

  • Isabel Campos-Varela, Hepatology, Barcelona, Spain  

Junior Research Committee Members

  • Vanessa Otti, London, UK  
  • Timon Blakemore, London, UK  


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