Does machine perfusion improve immediate and short-term outcomes by enhancing graft function and recipient recovery after liver transplantation?


  • Does machine perfusion affect immediate and short-term outcomes after liver transplantation?
  • Is a certain machine perfusion technique superior to others regarding short-term outcomes after liver transplantation?

Panel leader

  • Juan Garcia-Valdecasas, Surgery, Barcelona, Spain 

Panel Members

  • Philipp Dutkowski, Surgery, Zurich, Switzerland 
  • James Guarrera, Surgery, New Jersey, USA
  • Peter Friend, Surgery, Oxford, UK 
  • Robert Porte, Surgery, Groningen, the Netherlands
  • Prof Markus Selzner, Surgery, Toronto, Canada

Vanguard Committee Member

  • David Nasralla, Surgery, London, UK

Junior Research Committee Members

  • Kyra Fraser, London, UK
  • Belle Liew, London, UK


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